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There is a lot of news about WhatsApp download recently. The popular messaging app was released in 2009 by two former employees of Yahoo. After the launch of WhatsApp it went very hard. Meanwhile, more than 500 million people have downloaded WhatsApp. After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook early 2014, there arose also a lot of questions about the future of WhatsApp Download en usage. For example, will WhatsApp remain free for everyone? Will a version for PC and tablets be launched? On this website, smartphone users, tablet users and PC users are able to read all the necessary information about WhatsApp Download. For example, do you want to know immediately if your phone is compatible with WhatsApp? Easily select the brand of your device in the top menu. You will than immediately be able to search for your type of phone or tablet. Subsequently, you are able to see whether WhatsApp is compatible with your device and you can read a handy roadmap that explains how WhatsApp Download works for your device.

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Don’t you know if your phone or tablet is compatible with WhatsApp download? Select your operating system in the top menu of this website. For example, if you have an Android smartphone, than you click on WhatsApp Android. The same applies of course to WhatsApp iPhone, WhatsApp Blackberry, WhatsApp Windows Phone and WhatsApp Symbian.
There is also a lot of confusion about the costs of download WhatsApp. Till 2011, WhatsApp was for most devices completely free. Thereafter, iPhone users had to pay once $0,99. In early 2014 there was a little more clarity: All users can download WhatsApp initially for free. After a trial period of 1 year, all users have to pay annually $0,99, regardless of the operating system of the device. However, in many countries, the WhatsApp subscription is still extended for free. The reason for this is the lack of a proper payment method. Only when the payment of WhatsApp download and Whatsapp subscription can be done through the regular phone bill, WhatsApp will charge a small annually amount for the messaging service. For now: just enjoy WhatsApp Download completely free!

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There are a lot website that write content about WhatsApp Download and give instructions about how to install it. It is important to charge your phone before doing this. Also make sure that you check your battery level. If you want to download WhatsApp directly on your phone, please select your device manufacturer in the toplevel menu. Do you have some general questions or comments about WhatsApp? Feel free to post them in the comments below. We as website owners and of course all the members are happy to help you with answering your questions. Also take a look at the WhatsApp malfunction page for more information about WhatsApp malfucntions and WhatsApp maintenance.

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